Be Kind. No Exceptions.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. A person may put on the calmest facade and the brightest smile, he’ll look you straight in the eyes, shake your hand with the firmest grip but behind that mask he might be going through suffering unimaginable. 

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama.

Be the person who admires kindness. You have no idea how much you can affect a person’s day with just the right words and actions because the person receiving it needs it more than you’ll ever know. Let’s spread peace in the world, one act at a time. And let’s begin it with us. Let there be no exceptions. 


15 Most Beautiful French Words

“French is a language that turns dirt into romance” – Stephen King.


What does the word France bring to your mind? Imagine yourself conversing in French. Candlelight dinners. Soft syllables falling from your lips. Artistic streets. Music. And romance.


French is one of the most beautiful language in the world. We have selected 15 beautiful words with their meanings that you can use in your everyday life:

  1. Ange: angel
    • ange déchu: fallen angel
    • ange gardien: guardian angel
    • ange des ténèbres: angel of darkness
    • poussière d’ange: angel dust
  2. Âme: soul.
  3. Étoile: a star.
  4. Mère: mother.
  5. Confiance: confidence.
  6. Cliché: to stereotype
    • C’est peut-être uncliché: It maybe a cliché
    • nouveau cliché: new cliché
  7. Parapluie: an umbrella.
  8. Couture: sewing
    • haute couture: high fashion
  9. Soliel: the Sun.
  10. Lune: the Moon.
  11. Dépaysement: The feeling of being in another place, city or country
  12. Silhouette:  outline. It was derived from the name of a French finance minister,  Étienne de Silhouette.
  13. Soldat: soldier.
  14. Retrouvailles: happiness of a reunion.
  15. Sirène: a mermaid.

Vinaigrette, vogue, bourgeoisie, bijoux, déclassé, vichyssoise, amour are also some of the many French words which are equally melodic and beautiful.

“It has always been a marvel to me – that French language; it has always been a puzzle to me. How beautiful that language is! How expressive it seems to be! How full of grace it is!” – Mark Twain.

Why Intelligence Will Never Stop Being Beautiful?

Intelligence is beautiful. Intelligence is dangerous. Beautiful because of the spark it brings to your eyes. Like a million fireworks bursting somewhere inside your head. Dangerous because it gives you the confidence to question. And questions are what fools are afraid of. Isn’t it?

Intelligence doesn’t need a carefully prepared speech to pass the message. A few selected words would weigh 100 times heavier and sharper. Intelligence means to think, to ponder, to question and to create. Intelligence brings confidence. Confidence brings belief. Belief brings logic. Logic brings humanity. And humanity brings beauty – inside and out.

An Idea

Think of an idea. It may be anything – the craziest or the simplest. Now take that one idea and hammer it into your brain, pour it into your veins and stamp it on your soul. Let your heart sing and your brain explore. Let that idea become your life – day in and day out. Congratulations, you’ve started your journey to success.

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